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Apply for Septic Permit

OWTS Contractors (Installers and Cleaners) Licensing and Pumping Reports

OWTS Professional License Application **Use Google Chrome Browser for Online Forms**
  • On-site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Installers are required to be licensed annually by Environmental Health prior to installing, altering or repairing any OWTS.
  • OWTS Professional Licenses are issued by calendar year and expire December 31 of the year issued.
  • OWTS Cleaners are required to be licensed annually by Environmental Health prior to cleaning or pumping any OWTS.
  • Contractors (both installers and cleaners) are also required to submit and pass a written examination for a new license after 2019 and every five years.
  • An exam can be requested in the license application linked below.

Eagle County OWTS Cleaners are required to submit pumping reports within 10 days of service
Septic System Resources

Search Septic Permit Records
If your septic system was permitted and installed in the last 45 years, Environmental Health likely has a septic permit record for your property. This record generally contains information on the septic system design and location of components. Environmental Health does not have records for septic systems installed prior to 1972
To search for records, please first search the public OWTS Records database and search by either street address, parcel, or permit number. We continue to add records as we move toward having all accessible online. However, if you do not find the record online, please submit a request by completing this form** with your contact information, and the physical address of the parcel.

**Use Google Chrome Browser for Online Forms**

Care and Maintenance
The proper installation of an adequately sized septic system is the best insurance against failure. In addition, for a septic system to provide years of worry-free service, proper maintenance of all system components is essential. General information regarding septic system components and maintenance can be found at:
Rules and Regulations
Additional Resources

Public Water Systems

The Colorado Water Quality Control Division regulates and inspects public water suppliers.

Public water suppliers in Eagle County include:


Well Permitting
Eagle County Environmental Health does not issue or keep records of private well permits and water rights.
Eagle County is located in Division 5 of the Division of Water Resources. Direct any questions you may have to the Water Resources Department at 970-945-5665.

Water Quality Testing
Eagle County Environmental Health does not have a laboratory facility to test drinking water. Private well owners are responsible for the quality and safety of their own drinking water. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) recommends testing your well water every year for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels. If you suspect other contaminants, test for these also based on your specific situation. 

Well Information
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