Sales Tax

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The Eagle County sales tax rate is 1.5 percent. In 1996, as the result of a vote by Eagle County residents, Eagle County started collecting .5 percent of the 1.5 percent sales tax for the sole purpose of improving and maintaining trails and transit. The remaining 1 percent is used for general fund expenditures and capital projects.

In 2022 Eagle County voters approved a 2% lodging tax that applies to lodging in all areas of unincorporated Eagle County and the Town of Gypsum.

Eagle County sales and lodging taxes are administered and collected by the State of Colorado. Please visit their website for information on filing sales tax returns.

Beginning in January of 2022 Eagle County’s vendor fee for sales tax collections will change to 0%.

For information regarding the Eagle Valley RTA click here.

In 2017 voters of Eagle County approved a sales tax on retail marijuana and an excise tax on the sale or transfer of unprocessed retail marijuana. Eagle County began collecting this tax in January 2018, and the proceeds of these collections are used to fund mental health and substance abuse services.

In 2019 Eagle County voters approved a sales tax on tobacco products. Eagle County began collecting this tax in January 2020.

Click here to file a marijuana or tobacco tax return.

The monthly sales tax report provides an overview of sales tax collections for the current year.

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