Become a NeighBEARhood Ambassador

Become a NeighBEARhood Ambassador

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Restaurants should be known for their amazing cuisine, not their bear photo ops. The same is true for your at home outdoor grilling area, and even your meal and snack stops while on the trail. Join us in keeping everyone safe – bears and humans – by becoming a Neigh
BEARhood Ambassador today!

I pledge to:
● Properly dispose of food and trash, and encourage others to do the same at work and at home.
● Use bear-proof trash receptacles, and keep them closed and latched at all times.
● Keep all outdoor dining areas clean of all food spills.
● After cooking outdoors, leave your grill on high heat for 5 minutes to remove all food residue.
● Clean up parking lots and driveways when I see trash on the ground.
● Don’t leave scented products outside.
● Keep landscaping mowed and weeded. (dandelions, clover and grasses are natural food for bears)
● Never approach a bear.

Complete the form below to take the NeighBEARhood Ambassador pledge and receive a free Ambassador Toolkit with easy ways to spread the word and encourage others to join in keeping bears and our community safe.
● Note: By signing up to become a NeighBEARhood Ambassador, you also agree to receive periodic emails from Open Space & Natural Resources.

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