Treasurer & Public Trustee Office

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Office of the Treasurer and Public Trustee

The Treasurer is responsible for services related to property tax accounts, collecting and disbursing taxes to local tax authorities, managing all county revenue, and investing excess funds. Meet the Treasurer. 

Information about 2023 Property Valuation


  • The amount your property valuation increases doesn’t mean your property taxes will go up by the same amount.
  • The County Assessor's office is responsible for calculating property valuations, which are influenced by many factors.  For information about the calculation for your property valuation we advise you to contact your appraiser in the Assessor's office (contact information below).   
  • School districts, library districts, improvement districts, special districts, cities, and the county have different rules related to how their property tax charges are calculated.

Property valuations are calculated every two years in Colorado. The most recent valuation cycle was based on sales that occurred between July 2021 and June 2022 when Colorado’s real estate market was particularly strong. Assessors recognize that the housing market has changed since June 2022, and valuations may see a correction in two years when these valuations happen next.  If you believe your most recent valuation to be incorrect, you have from May 1, 2023 through June 8, 2023 to appeal. 

For more information please contact the Assessor's team directly at 970-328-8640 or  

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The Public Trustee provides services related to real estate foreclosures and releases of deeds of trust. 

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