Eagle County offering funding support for EV station costs exceeding Charge Ahead Colorado grants

Eagle County offering funding support for EV station costs exceeding Charge Ahead Colorado grants

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Kate Kirkman

Climate Programs Coordinator

(970) 328-8734


March 8, 2023 - Access to charging infrastructure is a key barrier to electric vehicle (EV) adoption. EV drivers with access to garage parking have the option to plug into a wall outlet or install a station to charge vehicles overnight. Multifamily buildings and neighborhoods without garages may not offer EV charging to EV drivers (or aspiring EV drivers) living in or near them. 

The Colorado Energy Office provides EV charging infrastructure grant funding for multifamily neighborhoods through the Charge Ahead Colorado program, which reimburses 80-90 percent of the installed cost of charging stations, up to various maximums. The remaining costs can still be significant and must be borne by the building owner or homeowner association (HOA).   

To overcome this barrier, Eagle County is offering funding support in 2023 through the EV Accelerator program. Through this program, Eagle County will reimburse neighborhoods for EV station costs exceeding the Charge Ahead Colorado grant, up to a maximum of $5,000 for each dual port charging station installed, not to exceed the cost of the project.  

The goal of the EV Accelerator program is to benefit EV driving residents living in Eagle County neighborhoods. Funding is limited, so projects will be funded at the discretion of Eagle County’s Resiliency Department. Grants will be given for EV charging in multifamily, garageless neighborhoods that are at least 75 percent resident-occupied, workforce, deed-restricted, and/or income-qualified (at or below 150 percent of area median income, which is $167,700 for a family of 4). Plans for future-proofing, the possibility of public use, and grid capacity may also be taken into account.

How to Apply

Applicants must first secure project funding through the Colorado Energy Office’s Charge Ahead Colorado program. Applicants will then share Charge Ahead Colorado award notification with Eagle County’s Resiliency Department to hold funds for up to six months to allow for the completion of the project. Fund dispersal will occur upon proof of project completion.

Importance of Vehicle Electrification

In Eagle County, energy use from ground transportation accounts for 42 percent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Reducing community-wide GHG emissions 50 percent by 2030 is a goal of Eagle County’s Climate Action Plan (CAP). Electrification of transportation is a leading strategy in reducing GHG emissions as fossil fuel-based transport will always contribute to climate change.

Consumer Benefits of EVs

  • High-performance driving experience - excellent acceleration and vehicle handling
  • Tax credits, rebates, and incentives dramatically lower the cost of vehicle purchase
  • Lowered maintenance costs
  • Lowered fuel costs and increased price stability compared to the petroleum market
  • Increased domestic energy security and investment into local markets
  • Improved local air quality and reduced noise pollution

Fuel-shifting benefits consumers as well as communities. Eagle County aims to accelerate that transition through the Neighborhood EV Accelerator program. For questions regarding the Charge Ahead Colorado grant program, please contact Martín Bonzi, the ReCharge Coach for Eagle County who works for Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER). For questions regarding the EV Accelerator Program, please contact Kate Kirkman, Eagle County’s Climate Programs Coordinator, at kate.kirkman@eaglecounty.us or 970-328-8734.

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