Replacement of Freedom Park playground equipment scheduled to begin April 10

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Ron Siebert

Facilities Planner


April 4, 2023 - The Freedom Park playground transformation is at hand. The original structures are more than 16 years old. The current playground equipment is well-loved, heavily used, and showing signs of deterioration.

“Freedom Park is a community asset enjoyed by members of our community of all ages,” said Eagle County Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry. “The park holds a special place in the hearts of many, especially those who visit the playground with their young children.” 

After renovation of the playground was announced in 2022, many parents were understandably concerned that their input was not actively sought in the redesign plan. This oversight was rectified and public input informed the final design of the project.  

Tentative Renovation Schedule

April 10 - Removal of existing equipment 

April 24 - Delivery of new equipment

Construction duration is anticipated to take approximately 5-6 weeks. The intention is to complete the equipment replacement by the Memorial Day weekend. For more information please contact Ron Siebert at 970-328-8881 or email

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