Reduce your wildfire risk by preparing during Wildfire Preparedness Month

Reduce your wildfire risk by preparing during Wildfire Preparedness Month

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Katie Jenkins

Wildfire Mitigation Specialist


May 1, 2023 - Wildfire Preparedness Month is an opportunity for residents to take responsibility for implementing actions to reduce wildfire risk in and around their homes. By taking these simple actions, you will help to create unified and fire-adapted communities throughout Eagle County.

May 1 - May 7 sign up for EC Alert to receive the latest information about wildfire incidents and evacuation notices. Subscribers can elect to receive time-sensitive emergency messages to their phone, desktop, or other mobile device. If you already have an account with EC Alert, be sure to check that your notifications are up to date and cover wildfire notices. Learn more and register here.

May 8 - May 14 move your leftover firewood off of and out from beneath your deck to ensure that embers won't get trapped and cause an ignition. Keep your firewood at least 30 feet from your home and at least 10 feet from tree branches to prevent any fire from spreading from the wood to your house or trees. If you're not using firewood during the summer, discard any leftover firewood appropriately. For this and other tips for reducing your home’s wildfire risk, visit Live Wildfire Ready

May 15 - 21 make a plan such as determining your evacuation route and creating an emergency supply kit with the six Ps in mind; people and pets, important papers and documents, prescriptions and medications, pictures, personal computers and external hard drives, and credit and debit cards. Learn more at

May 22 - 28 schedule a free REALFire home assessment and learn about wildfire safety and steps that you can take to reduce wildfire risk in and around your home. These voluntary assessments are performed by trained fire professionals and will give you recommendations for mitigating your home from the threat of wildfire.

Through advance preparation such as making a plan, building a "go-bag," and signing up for EC Alert, you and your family will be better prepared in the event of a wildfire. Other helpful local resources include and Eagle County PIO on Facebook. 

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