The Eagle County Fair and Rodeo Announces Mental Health Awareness Night

The Eagle County Fair and Rodeo Announces Mental Health Awareness Night

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Tanya Dahlseid

Fair Manager and Events Manager


May 17, 2023 - May is Mental Health Awareness Month, which provides an opportunity to announce that the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo will celebrate Mental Health Awareness Night during the rodeo on Friday, July 28, 2023. Green is the international symbol of mental health awareness, and fair and rodeo attendees are encouraged to wear green that night in support of mental health.

“Raising awareness about the mental health and behavioral health resources in our community is vital to ensuring people know how and where to access care when they need it,” said Chris Lindley, Vail Health Chief Population Health Officer and Executive Director of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health. “We are grateful to the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo for their partnership and for choosing to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Night.”

Eagle County Fair and Rodeo’s Mental Health Awareness night proceeds benefit Vail Health Behavioral Health, which partners with more than 40 community non-profits to provide increased access to mental health services throughout the Eagle River Valley.

Eagle County Fair & Rodeo will donate $0.50 for each Friday rodeo ticket sold. Donations will be directed to Olivia’s Fund, Vail Health’s program that offers financial assistance to help pay for a patient's behavioral health services. This fund is available to anyone in need who lives or works in Eagle County. In 2022, Olivia’s Fund provided more than 1,000 locals with free therapy with more than 3,700 therapy sessions. Learn more about how to obtain free mental and behavioral health care at

The mental health resources within the community have grown dramatically during the past four years, and Mental Health Awareness night will help raise awareness of the services available, including:

Your Hope Center:

My Future Pathways:

Early Childhood Partners:

SpeakUp ReachOut:

Bright Future Foundation:

Mountain Pride:

Vail Health Behavioral Health:

You can help by typing “GREEN” into the discount code field online and a dollar will be added to each Friday ticket in your shopping cart. Other ways you can help–visit the Vail Health booth to learn about mental health awareness. 

Lastly, look for Rodeo Royalty, who will be collecting donations and drop a buck in their boot. 

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