Voters urged to update their addresses prior to next election

Voters urged to update their addresses prior to next election

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Regina O’Brien

Eagle County Clerk & Recorder


July 24, 2023 - Eagle County active, registered voters have received, or will receive shortly, letters encouraging them to update their residential and mailing addresses. Voter registration addresses are critical, because the residential address determines what a voter is legally allowed to vote on, and the mailing address is where the ballot will be mailed this fall. Importantly, and by law, ballots are not forwardable by the US Postal Service, so the mailing address must be up-to-date.

“We sent letters to every active, registered voter in Eagle County proactively providing them with the residential and mailing addresses in their voter registration record,” said Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Regina O’Brien. “This outreach is not required, but is a practice the Clerk's Office implemented to help voters keep their voter registration information current and to keep our voter rolls as accurate as possible. Voter registration information is updated by our office daily, and voters can help us maintain accurate voter records by verifying the information contained in the outreach letter.”

If the information in the letter is correct, a voter does not need to take any action. If updates are needed, the voter can return, using the enclosed postage paid return envelope, a voter registration form which is on the back side of the letter. Voters can also update their information at  

If a voter has a ballot mailing address in their voter record, then that information was included in the letter as well. A ballot mailing address is not required to be in a voter record, but if a voter knows they will be at a different address during the election, the voter can specify a “ballot mailing address" where the ballot will be sent. Note, that a ballot mailing address will stay in a voter’s record until the voter removes it.  

Ballots for the November 7, 2023 Coordinated Election will be mailed to active, registered voters the week of October 16.  

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