New electrification projects at the Eagle County Government

New electrification projects at the Eagle County Government

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Jan Miller, CFM

Facilities Manager


December 13, 2023 - The Facilities Management Department is pleased to announce the completion of two commercial building electrification projects at the Eagle County Government. The projects completed in late November utilize high-efficiency, all-electric heat pump technology for heating and cooling, replacing aged-out natural gas and propane-fueled heating and ventilation equipment. 

“These electric systems are more efficient and will save the county money on cooling and heating costs,” said Eagle County Facilities Director Jesse Meryhew.” In addition to their economic advantage, they are also better for the environment, which is in line with the county’s strategic priority of protecting our mountain ecosystem.” 

The original natural gas heater in the Maintenance Services Center (MSC) A building, which serves as the Administrative offices for Road & Bridge, Facilities, Project Management, and Eco Transit, was upgraded to a hybrid electric heat pump water heater, making the MSC A building a complete building electrification conversion project.

The Exhibit Hall, which is the community-use rental facility, electrification project replaced aging propane-fueled heating equipment with high-efficiency electric heat pump technology to provide heating and cooling to the entire facility. With the conversion of gas to electric water heater system, this facility at the Fairgrounds represents another successful building electrification project.

To date, twelve natural gas water heaters have been replaced with electric hybrid heat pump water heaters.

Eagle County participates in the PuRE energy program from Holy Cross Energy, powered by 100% renewable energy electricity.

Plans are being developed for a geothermal-powered system at the Eagle County Building campus and additional buildings at the Fairgrounds. 

Project Team:

Jesse Meryhew, Facilities Director

Ron Siebert, Facilities Planner

Ben Hawf, Energy Efficiency Project Manager

Kate Kirkman, Climate Program Coordinator

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